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GDPR Weekly Show

Sep 3, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode:

Facebook Cambridge Analytica data breach lawsuit reaches 11th hour settlement,

Authy users affected by Twilio data breach,

NHS Orkney data breach,

Samsung data breach,

Evil Corp and Conti linked to Cisco data breach,

Mobile Banking Apps putting user's digital signatures at risk via use of Amazon Web Services (AWS),

Lawsuits launched against Afni after data breach,

Xinai Electronics data breach reveals details of 800 million chinese people,

Vodafone Idea denies it has had a data breach,

Student Loans data breach exposes details of 2.5 million students,

Russian streaming service Start hit by data breach,

Semcorp Marine data breach,

Fonvile Morisey data breach,

The effect of data breaches on the US Healthcare system,

Black Knight data breach,

San Francisco 49'ers data breach