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GDPR Weekly Show

Jan 30, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode:

Fife residents caught in data breach,

Dublin City Council data breach,

Lisbon Mayor's Office sharing protestor data with foreign embassies,

Absa data breach,

Koons Automotive data breach,

DR Donnelly data breach,

Data breaches cost more than just money,

UK Higher Education and...

Jan 23, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode:

ICO serves enforcement notice on UK Ministry of Justice,

Gloucester Council data breach,

Red Cross data breach,

Pakistan Telecoms data breach,

Bonobos wins court case following data breach,

Italian luxury brand Moncler has data breach,

Simplify data breach,

Warwick GP Surgery data...

Jan 16, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode:

Austrian DPA rules on Google Analytics and SchremsII,

Meta facing Class Action in UK,

Meta being investigated for breaching Childrens Code,

European Parliament reprimanded by European Data Protection Supervisor,

Lastpass making it impossible for users to leave,

Whatsapp sets out...

Jan 9, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode:

Flexbooker data breach,

UK Police data which was breached has disappeared,

De Montfort School data breach,

UK Appeal Court ruling has implications for Patreon users,

Additional charges against former Uber security chief,

Morgan Stanley agrees compensation after data breach,


Jan 2, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode: 

Lastpass data breach update,

T-Mobile data breach,

Sega narrowly avoids data breach,

Colchester Council data breach,

Nat-West ex-employee has customer data under her bed,

Rhode Island Passenger Transport Authority data breach,

Pulse TV data breach,

South Korea declared adequate for...