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GDPR Weekly Show

Nov 21, 2021

Coming up in this week's episode:

Sky takes 18 months to fix security flaw in data routers,

Stripchat data breach,

Department for Education data breach,

Dorset Council data breach.

Ex-police officer awarded damages after South Yorkshire Police data breach,

Drizzly Grove reach settlement after data breach,

High Court judge says low-value data breach claim is an abuse of the legal system,

Belgian Supreme Court rules that DPA can impose penalties even if complainant's data not processed,

Iranian hackers targetting critical sectors of UK and US economies,

FBI email server hacked to send fake cyber attack alerts,

Failed data breach at Lake County Election Board,

Credit Suisse to sanction Allen and Overy over data breach concerns,

Utah Medical Centre data breach,

Colonial Pipeline litigation following a data breach,

California Pizza Kitchen data breach,

GDPR in the Cayman Islands,

Reddoorz fined by Singapore DPC after data breach