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GDPR Weekly Show

Apr 30, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode:

Hackers claim to have breached Coca Cola data,

Northern Ireland health workers affected by data breach,

British Army recruitment website still down weeks after data breach,

Blackbaud legal action after data breach,

Leaked document shows difficulties Meta is having trying to keep Facebook GDPR compliant,

Ola Electric legal action after alleged data breach,

Far Right website in France pursued by CNIL over data breach of prominent Muslim personal details,

Dutch DPA penalises Dutch Tax Authority and Ministry of Foreign Affairs for GDPR breaches,

ICO issues GDPR guidance around Life Sciences,

Daedlus data breach,

Github security breach,

Guidance for GDPR in the Translation and Interpretation Sector,

Mediant data breach,

McDonalds data breach in Brazil,

GDPR equivalent regulations in Bahrain