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GDPR Weekly Show

Apr 16, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode:

UK Home Office data breach,

Shiseido UK data breach,

ICO concludes no further action after Matt Hancock CCTV breach,

TikTok GDPR breach heard in UK High Court,

Nestle and Anonymous dispute data breach,

Yandex Food data breach exposes details of Russian security personnel,

Dutch DPA issues guidance on GDPR transparency,

Arizona and Indiana revise their data breach reporting requirements,

Lakeview Loan Prodcessing data breach,

Queen's University data breach,

Conti claims responsibility for Panasonic Canada cyber attack,

Ericsson discloses data breach,

Newman Regional Health data breach,

Maplesoft data breach,

ICANN and EU commission lock horns over DNS data and GDPR