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GDPR Weekly Show

Feb 12, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode:

Meta could shut Facebook and Instagram in EU and UK over GDPR,

FCDO data breach,

Use of Google Fonts API is a breach of GDPR,

CNIL follows Austria in ruling Google Analytics breaches GDPR,

Optinis Parasol data breach disrupts UK IT contractors,

Whitby High School Ellesmere Port data breach,

Beetle Eye data breach,

Puma employees affected by data breach,

Vodafone Portugal cyber attack,

Desjardins data breach settlement,

A1 Hrvatska data breach,

High Court gives further guidance in non-material GDPR damages claims,

Amazon closes Flexbooker AWS bucket,

Inmeriata data breach settlement,

Telenor Myanmar customers use GDPR in attempt to halt company sale,

Journalistic Exemption and GDPR,

EU Ombudsman investigates DPC enforcement of GDPR