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GDPR Weekly Show

Oct 22, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode:

Conservative Party leadership election electronic voting fears of rogue state intervention,

Ticketmaster data breach,

Whistleblower asks NatWest RBS to pay Data Controller registration fee, Clearview AI fined €20 million for GDPR failures,

Nelnet data breach,

UK Businesses urged to enhance their cyber security,

5 steps to improve your supply chain security,

Mediahaus settles several data breach damages claims,

California Pizza Kitchen reaches lawsuit settlement after data breaches,

Estate Agents could be next target for significant cyber attacks,

Victims of Optus data breach find they now can't use their passport details online,

MyDeal data breach,

UK court establishes further guidance on De Minimis payouts where there has been no material damage to the individual,

Medibank data breach,

ICO simplifies use of Binding Corporate Rules