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GDPR Weekly Show

Oct 8, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode:

Lloyds of London forced to reset IT systems after cyberattack,

Meta warns users that some third party apps collect and misuse user data,

Cyberattackers turn their aim on the Kremlin,

ICO could impose multi million fine on TikTok for GDPR failures and failure to comply with The Children's Code,

ICO issues formal reprimand on UK Home Office,

Easylife fined £14.8 million for GDPR and PECR breaches,

ICO issues further detail of Virgin Media enforcement action,

EU Attorney General issues opinion on GDPR non-material damages claims,

UK DCMS puts Data Reform bill on hold for more consultation,

Talbert Home data breach,

Detroit terminates software supplier contract after data breach,

Gun retailer Ruger facing legal action after 2 year data breach,

Toyota data breach warning,

Former Uber Security Chief found guilty of concealing data breach,

ICO issues guidance on use of PETs,

RSA says it cannot issue details of road traffic incidents due to GDPR,

Johnny Ryan complains to EU Commission re lack of action by Irish DPC against Irish based tech giants.