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GDPR Weekly Show

Sep 17, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode:

Uber data breach,

Financial Conduct Authority data reveals surge in DDOS attacks since war in Ukraine,

More details emerge of leaked NATO documents in Portugal,

Capital One consent order removed,

Cisco attribute cyberattack to Lapsus$,

Voting machine data breaches raise concerns ahead of Mid-Term Elections,

Lastpass data breach update,

GDPR and the use of drones,

Uhaul data breach,

GDPR safe Cloud providers,

Calls for investigation into Malaysia mobile phone data breach to be reopened,

SeeSaw data breach,

Brickler and Eckler settle class action after data breach,

Police name one suspect in Indonesian Government data breach,

Physicians, Spine and Rehabilitation Specialists data breach,

Keybank Mortgages data breach,

Starbucks Singapore data breach,

Victoria data watchdog calls for mandatory data breach notifications,

Australian Universities call for adoption of rules similar to GDPR