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GDPR Weekly Show

Feb 5, 2022

Coming up in this week's episode:

European oil terminals struck by ransomware,

KP Nuts distribution disrupted by hackers,

The Sandon School data breach,

Dorset NHS Trusts data breaches,

British Council 3rd party data breach,

Norfolk Dates data breach,

FBI warns Winter Olympics athletes to leave their smartphones at home,

Equifax data breach settlement agreed,

IAB Europe technology found to be non-GDPR compliant,

Securitas data breach,

Washington Licensing Dept data breach,

Artech reach settlement following data breach,

Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association data breach,

Consel D'Etat confirms CNIL penalty against Google,

Greece Telecoms firms fined for data breachs,

Brexit Freedom Bill and its impact on UK GDPR,

EDPB issues guidance on dealing with Data Subject Access Requests