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GDPR Weekly Show

Dec 19, 2021

Coming up in this week's episode:

Kronos data breach,

Grindr fined after a data breach,

Gumtree data breach,

HMRC catalogue of data breaches,

Clearview AI GDPR penalty in France,

Sennheiser data breach,

New Zealand Teaching Council data breach,

Standard Bank delayed reporting data breach,

Chatanooga Chamber of Commerce data breach,

Is Log4j the cyber equivalent of Covid-19,

Blackbaud legal action update,

Desjardins settlement after data breach,

Experian predicts breach trends for 2022,

India sets 72-hour breach notification deadline,

Rwanda introduces GDPR equivalent,

Cookiebot transfers deemed illegal,

KVKK deadline approaches,

UK Government produces centralised resource for data storage guidance,

Childs Rights Impact Assessments,

IAB TCF found not fit for purpose,

Finnish DPA imposes record penalty