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GDPR Weekly Show

May 9, 2021

Coming up in this week's episode:

Amazon data breach exposes fake product reviews,

Disqus faces penalty for GDPR breaches,

Concerns around GDPR and website 3rd Party Plugins,

GDPR breach found in NHS Covid-19 vaccination booking website,

Guinness Raise the Bar initiative provides free Covid-19 tracking app,

Fines for emailing unencrypted Excel spreadsheets,

Google encouraging 2 factor authentication,

ICO launching consultation on UK Standard Contractual Clauses,

UK Home Office changes document retention rules,

Conflicting evidence on data breach risk from home working,

PayPal favourite payment processor in survey of e-commerce users,

Chorley Council data breach,

Brevard School Florida data breach,

Kazakhstan introduces Data Protection Law based on GDPR